Standard Incomparable

Helen Mirra has an installation at the Armory Arts Center in Pasadena called Standard Incomparable.  In it she asked weavers to weave 7 stripes of alternating local natural undyed fiber.  Each stripe should be a hand width wide and and arm’s length long.  Each weaving becomes a description of the locale and of the weaver.  

Photo by Jeff Mclane

My contribution was woven on our Mixtape Light Neutrals warp.  Since I live in a city and local can be defined many ways, I unraveled 2 vintage sweaters I bought here- brown Peruvian alpaca and the other Irish fisherman’s knit natural white wool.

Photo by Kiera Coffee

Photo by Kiera Coffee

Each weaver made 2 pieces.  The second became part of an exchange with the other weavers.  I received Liz Gipson’s beautiful work.

Thanks to Eric for the heads up on this project.

The show got a lovely write up in the LA Times.