The Bodenner Collection is finally available, and I'm awfully proud of it.  The first fabric on public view is auspiciously at the Museum of Art and Design in their Maker's Biennial.  It's Moonlight, and it is glowing robustly in their elevators.
The museum has a history that is a little troubling for me- they are currently housed in a heavily renovated building whose old incarnation by Edward Durell Stone I love- a lot.  In the past I have taken friends to a show at MAD of a real design hero, Jack Larsen, and felt the show did not actually show the genius that he is.
Now the museum has a new director, who I have the luck of calling a friend.  Glenn is a real lover of stuff and its depth of meaning.  He curated a show in London on Postmodernism that blew my little mind.  He also arranged a talk (at 1:34:25) with Roy McMakin that really is inspirational.  I'm so excited to see how the museum grows and changes under his leadership.